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AgileIS partners with companies and organizations who help support better outcomes for athletes and students.

We know concussion mismanagement represents a significant threat to sport and to individual well-being

We believe long-term, impactful partnerships are central to achieving our mission. Therefore, we work with and alongside others who are passionate about ensuring better outcomes post-concussion, so all participants can thrive in sport and recreation programs. Partnering with organizations who share our mission and are on our journey will lead to an even greater impact. 

Our partners all share one thing in common—a passion for creating safe training environments and protecting participants while they are pursuing their dreams. 




Parachute gathers the best in evidence-based information, training, assessment tools, documentation forms, guidelines, and patient resources to help you prevent, recognize, and manage concussion.

Parachute’s expert guidance includes Return to Activities which outlines strategies that will help people understand how to safely return to school, sport, work, and everyday activities after a concussion.

Assessment Services:

Professional Assessment Services are aimed at providing support to help schools and sports organizations adopt the latest protocols, best practices, and management for concussions now and to stay current in the future.

“The CAPT Concussion Management Platform provides everyone in the sport and recreation community the ability to better manage their concussion protocol on and off the field of play. By digitizing an organization’s protocol, we can enhance the quality and rate of decisions regarding concussion management and participants’ return to activity, while also building a complete record of the events. CAPT is a significant step forward in the way we manage and support recovery from concussions in sport.”

Lorraine Lafrenière, CEO of the Coaching Association of Canada


Coaching Association of Canada

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) aims to enhance the experiences of all athletes and participants in Canada through quality coaching

Through its programs, the CAC empowers coaches with knowledge and skills, promotes ethical coaching, fosters positive attitudes, builds competence, and increases the credibility and recognition of coaches. The CAC unites stakeholders and partners in its commitment to raising the skills and stature of coaches, and ultimately expanding their reach and influence. Through the key pillars of coaching leadership and sustainable coaching education, the CAC supports coaches from grassroots to professional levels and beyond.

The partnership between AgileIS and the CAC builds upon the CAC’s mission and vision and enables both parties to implement digital tools that will best enable the sport and recreation sector to create safe training environments. Live tracking, monitoring, and updates to concussion incidents and protocols as well as offering training to new audiences will broaden education and awareness of how CAPT can support and protect sport and recreation participants.

Assessment Services:

  • CAPT provides access to concussion awareness resources and training, including the NCCP Making Head Way eLearning module series. These NCCP eLearning modules offer education and training on managing concussions through prevention, detection, and recovery. This provides clubs, schools, teams, and associations easy access to track the recovery process of participants within the platform.
  • By providing the NCCP Making Head Way eLearning modules through CAPT, this training is available to a larger audience, including coaches, parents, participants, teachers, and staff, among others.

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