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Your First Line of Defense When You Need It Most.

Effective concussion management is essential to maximize student and athlete safety while minimizing risk and liability. Get a head start on effective concussion management with CAPT.


Everything you need, in the palm of your hands.

CAPT streamlines your organization's removal and return to activity protocols, and simplifies the process of executing and monitoring your concussion protocol.

  • Digital Live Access to Current Approved Protocol
  • Training and Certification
  • Step by Step Support from Removal to Return Protocol


Meet the team at CAPT – powered by AgileIS

Our team consists of like-minded individuals who are all passionate about digital health care solutions. We’ve all come together in an agile way to bring excellence, experience, and quality to the products we make.


React faster and more effectively to concussions.

CAPT transforms your time-consuming paper-based concussion protocols into a simple digital step-by-step approach, making it easier to manage concussion injuries when they occur.

  • Step by Step Support from Removal to Return to Play
  • Mitigate Risk and Reduce Liability – Complete Digital Record
  • Facilitate Instant Protocol Dissemination
  • Access to Training and Certification


Be ready to take charge in moments when it matters.

CAPT helps guide faculty through an emotionally charged incident, helping to keep their students and athletes safe by following a step-by-step Return to Learn protocol after suffering a concussion.

  • Step by Step Support from Removal to Return to Learn
  • Mitigate Risk and Reduce Liability – Complete Digital Record
  • Facilitate Instant Protocol Dissemination
  • Centralized Communications with a Student’s Circle of Care


CAPT is a proactive approach to concussion management.

CAPT provides a comprehensive methodology to protect athletes and students to ensure their long-term health is always top of mind and accessible. Our digital platform is centered on Concussion Awareness, Protocols and Training (CAPT) to enable the best-in-class care.

Protocol Agnostic

CAPT is easily customizable to adopt an organization’s protocol to suit their unique processes and procedures.

Training & Certification

CAPT provides access to the latest training and certification modules to ensure all members are informed and educated.

Streamlined Workflow

CAPT’s streamlined workflow empowers users to make the right decisions and follow a harmonized process based on their organization’s needs.

Incident Reporting

CAPT collects and records a timestamped log of all activity for each case as users progress through your concussion removal and return protocol.


CAPT sends email notifications to a user's circle of care throughout the recovery process so nurses and therapists can focus on medical care.

Access to Data

CAPT helps to instantly document an incident on site to ensure all information is captured in real-time facilitating easier management and oversight of all cases.

CAPT makes it easier to manage concussion injuries when they occur.


What are others saying about us?

“Unlike a broken arm or sprained ankle, concussions are invisible. As a coach, it’s a challenging decision to take a player out of the game but having access to the tools I need, when and where I need them, make it easier to ensure I am doing the right thing, at the right time.”

Marc Savard

Windsor Spitfires

“There’s never been anything that connects the dots - and that’s something that CAPT does. It connects everyone in the circle of care, and it’s the missing link that connects all the key stakeholders so that the recovery process for each athlete is as accurate as possible.”

Dr. Karolina Urban

Etobicoke Dolphins Girls Hockey League


Download the CAPT Mobile App

Download the CAPT mobile app from AgileIS for your iOS and Android device to access your sports organization's or school's concussion protocol from your smartphone.

* Requires an active CAPT subscription from your sports organization or school.