CAPT receives endorsement from Ottawa Senators Alumni.

CAPT concussion management platform receives endorsement from Ottawa Senators Alumni

Ottawa, March 20, 2024 – Agile Intelligence Solutions (AgileIS) is thrilled to announce that CAPT (Concussion Awareness, Protocols, and Training), the digital concussion management platform developed in collaboration with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and Parachute, has received a strong endorsement from Laurie Boschman, President of the Ottawa Senators Alumni.

CAPT empowers sports organizations to react faster and more effectively to concussions by transforming existing concussion protocols into an easy-to-follow digital process accessible from any mobile device. The platform streamlines the execution of concussion removal and return-to-play and return-to-learn protocols, ensuring a simplified and efficient approach for coaches, therapists, and designated personnel.

Laurie Boschman, a former professional hockey player and respected figure in the hockey community, expressed his support for CAPT, emphasizing the platform’s importance for concussion management in sports. “On behalf of the Ottawa Senators Alumni, I am delighted to be supporting AgileIS and the Coaching Association of Canada in their partnership to provide CAPT to all levels of sport. As former professional athletes, coaches, and parents, we have our own experiences of dealing with concussions. We understand the importance of this initiative in bringing increased awareness, education, and improved management of concussions for youth,” said Boschman.

Key features of CAPT include:

  • Streamlined Concussion Removal Protocol: CAPT guides coaches and designated persons through a step-by-step app-based approach, making it easy to recognize and respond to concussions in real-time.
  • Digital Record for Risk Mitigation: CAPT allows logging timestamped incident reports and attaching sideline medical assessments, ensuring a complete audit trail for each injury, reducing liability.
  • Circle of Care Notifications: Automatic notifications to the Circle of Care via email provide real-time updates on a player’s progress through the concussion return protocol.
  • Live Updates on Athlete Progress: Coaches and designated persons receive automatic email notifications, keeping them informed about athletes’ recovery status.
  • Complete Digital Platform: CAPT supports concurrent removal-from-play, return-to-sport, and return-to-learn protocols, providing a comprehensive overview of a player’s recovery.

Lorraine Lafrenière, CEO of the Coaching Association of Canada, highlighted the significance of their relationship with CAPT in enhancing concussion management. “Our partnership with CAPT is critical in transforming concussion management across the country. Each sport or province/territory policy and protocol compliance has the opportunity to perform through the platform. Our partnership supports data benchmarking and earmarks future resources towards improvement,” she said.

Terry Kell, CEO of AgileIS, added “I am thrilled and honoured to have the support of the Ottawa Senators Alumni for CAPT. The alumni understand and endorse the value of improving concussion management and awareness. They appreciate the focus on returning safely to school and play.” In Eastern Ontario, CAPT is being used by the Gloucester Rangers Minor Hockey Association, the West Ottawa Basketball Association, and the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Soccer Association. “These clubs are taking a leadership role in player health and safety by adopting CAPT as part of their return to play protocols,” Kell said.

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