CAPT for Schools

CAPT for Schools

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CAPT provides first-class care for students while mitigating risk across your school.

Concussions can happen at any time and anywhere. CAPT helps teachers, athletic therapists and health administrators within a school or association provide the best care in real-time when the unexpected occurs.

CAPT will transform your current concussion protocol into an easy-to-follow process that you can access from any mobile device. This takes the uncertainty and complexity out of concussion management and recovery.

Included CAPT Features

  • Step by Step Removal Protocol
    Reduce the risk and liability for coaches and volunteers with easy-to-follow guided process that safely manages the process.
  • Complete Digital Record
    Capture all your information with digital record from start to end, capturing each step through the entire journey.
  • Instant Protocol Dissemination
    Ability to update protocol easily and instantly across all users when changes occur.
  • Centralized Communications
    Updates and notifications throughout the journey keeping the Circle of Care apprised of progress and changes.
  • Step by Step Return Protocol
    Reduce the risk and liability for coaches and volunteers with easy-to-follow guided process that safely manages the process.
  • Access & Tracking of e-Learning
    Simplified access to NCCP Making Head Way with completion tracking and documentation.
  • Incident Management & Reporting
    Capture important information regarding an incident when it occurs while managing and reporting on progress.
  • Time-Stamped Data & Records
    Access time-stamped information and old records for auditing purposes.
  • Automated Email Updates
    Email updates sent as a user progresses through protocol to all members of the Circle of Care.

Switch from paper-based solutions to empower your teachers, athletic therapists, and health administrators.

Reduce your risk and liability by making manual processes and paper trails a thing of the past.

CAPT transforms your time-consuming, paper-based concussion protocols into a simple, digital step-by-step approach, making it easier to manage concussion injuries when they occur.

CAPT helps guide teachers, athletic therapists, and health administrators through an emotionally charged incident, helping to keep their athletes safe by following a step-by-step Return to Play protocol after suffering a concussion.

CAPT makes it easier to manage concussion injuries when they occur.


How does CAPT help?

CAPT streamlines the execution of your organization’s concussion removal protocol and empowers your entire Circle of Care.

The “Circle of Care” pertains to the school staff, coaches, parents, health administrators, and students who become involved when a student or athlete is removed from school and sport with a suspected concussion, as well as during the student’s subsequent return to activity. CAPT school is a bespoke concussion recovery tool designed to adapt your protocols into a simple, step-by-step approach deployed through our user-friendly app. It makes your concussion protocols easier to implement and manage when an injury occurs.

Streamlined Step by Step Support from Removal to Return to Learn

CAPT makes it easy for teachers, athletic therapists, and health administrators and other designated persons to review your removal protocol signs and symptoms at the time of an incident, with guidance on what to do next from an app you can access on any smart device.

Mitigate Risk and Reduce Liability with a Complete Digital Record

CAPT allows teachers, athletic therapists, and health administrators and other designated persons to log a timestamped incident report about the concussion and attach sideline medical assessments so there is a full audit trail for each injury.

Circle of Care Notifications and Communications

Once a suspected concussion is recorded, the Circle of Care is automatically notified via email. Now, everyone knows whether the subject should be participating in school or sport activities as they progress through your concussion return protocol.

Streamlined the Execution of Your Return Protocols

Managing, enforcing, and following return-to-learn protocols can be challenging, especially for schools. CAPT solves this challenge by streamlining your existing protocol into a series of workflows that can be easily followed and monitored.

Seamless and Instant Dissemination of Your Protocol Updates

Changes are happening at a more frequent pace as medical research evolves. It is critical to ensure protocols and processes remain up to date with best practices. Harmonization and instant dissemination across an organization is key to enabling accurate information in the hands of your coaches and volunteers.

Removal and Return Workflows All in One Digital Platform

CAPT allows you to get a complete picture of a student’s recovery with in-app support for multiple concurrent removal-from-play and return-to-learn protocols, while keeping each step simple and understandable for students and guardians.

Get Live Updates on Your Athletes Progress and Return Status

With CAPT, nurses and other designated persons receive automatic email notifications that provide real-time updates on a student’s recovery - helping to clarify what activities students can engage in, and what accommodations they might require.

Ensure Return Protocol Adoption and Compliance

CAPT helps your independent school ensure that your return-to-sport and return-to-learn protocols are followed correctly with a timestamped activity log and protocol steps that require sign off from your nurse or another person you designate.

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Who does CAPT help?

CAPT streamlines the execution of your concussion removal protocol and empowers faculty to react faster and more effectively to concussions.

Recognizing and making the call to remove a student can be challenging for coaches and other designated persons. CAPT helps everyone in your organization react correctly and in real-time to the unexpected. It will transform your current concussion protocol into an easy-to-follow process that you can access from any mobile device making it easy for your school to make the right call.


CAPT reduces your risk by simplifying the execution of your protocols and making them easier to access and follow for your staff. This ensures better compliance, more complete monitoring, and a higher degree of safety for your students.

Athletic Director

CAPT gives you control over your concussion recovery protocols and an automated audit trail of events and dates for record keeping. CAPT will keep all coaches and athletic staff up to date with a student's concussion status.


CAPT helps coaches assess concussions on the field and take the correct steps, right away, to determine whether to remove the athlete from play. CAPT is immediately accessible on the coach’s phone and by checking the boxes in the assessment protocol the answer to remove or allow play to continue is immediate and straightforward.


CAPT helps to manage your kids’ safety by ensuring they are removed from play and returned to activity at the appropriate times. CAPT helps you feel confident that the right decisions about your child’s health and safety are being made in a consistent and timely manner.

Nurses and Health Care Administrators

CAPT streamlines communication with your team and lets you focus on taking care of student-athletes. All relevant parties in the Circle of Care are kept in the loop with simple notifications through CAPT reducing your administrative workload by a large factor.

Knowledge and Prevention

Education, Training and Certification

Stay abreast of the latest in concussion management through access to Education, Training and Certification.

You can improve help improve concussion outcomes by staying up to date on the latest changes through education, training, and certification. These resources will help you learn about, prevent, and respond to concussions. Your actions can help create a safe environment for young students and athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive – both on and off the playing field.

Through our partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), CAPT provides schools, teams, and associations access to concussion awareness resources and training, including NCCP Making Head Way e-learning module series. These NCCP eLearning modules prepare all those who have access with the education and training to manage concussions through prevention, detection, and recovery.

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